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My Wife Is 21, Not 11- 60 Years Old Man Accused Of Marrying 11 Years Old Girl Speaks Up

Aminu Danmaliki, the 60 years old man accused of marrying an 11 year-old girl became a major topic of media discussion a few days ago following his decision to take a new young wife.

It was rumoured that the wife whose picture dominated the social media for the better part of last week is eleven years of age and believed to be too young for the man she is taking as a husband.

Many Nigerians lashed and lampooned Danmaliki for marrying a girl young enough to be his granddaughter.

However, the embattled husband has decided to set the record straight.

Danmaliki, via his Facebook page on Wednesday, claimed that his wife is 21 years old and not 11 years as people claimed on social media.

“My wife is 21, not 11.” He explained to those who care to read.

The Facebook post reads, “My recent marriage with Sakina has generated a lot of tension and unfounded allegations that I married an underage girl.

“some suggesting she is 11 years old and that she was forced to marry me. That is untrue. 

“The wedding video went viral. We decided to keep mute but were advised to state the true facts. Here it is: My beloved wife is 21 years old.

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