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Arewa Youth Consultative Forum Suggests A Loyal Associate Tinubu Should Pick As Chief Of Staff

If the suggestion of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum is anything to go by, the member of Federal House of Representatives, James Abiodun Faleke may likely emerge as the Chief of Staff to the president.

Since the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as President-Elect, there have been speculations from various quarters that the key positions in his administration may possibly be taken by his political associates who have remained loyal to him for many years.

It is therefore not surprising to see the Arewa Youth coming with a suggestion that Faleke should emerge as the Chief of staff to the President-elect when he is eventually inaugurated in May 29.

The group disclosed this in a statement on Sunday by its National President, Yerima Shettima.

According to the statement, Faleke is a very loyal associate of Tinubu and he deserves to be compensated with such an appointment.

The statement reads in part: “Hon James Faleke is a very loyal Tinubu supporter and associate who has proven to be reliable as ambassador to the President-elect any day.

“Nigeria has had serious challenges caused by the communication gap between the President, ministers and even state governors. This is an opportunity for the President-elect to get someone with good skills in managing the relationship between him, officials of government and the rest of Nigerians.

“We urge President-elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu to make sure he makes an informed choice of his Chief of Staff with loyal, proactive, progressive and hale and hearty parliamentarian like Hon James Faleke.”

Abiodun Faleke, the former Ojodu Council Chairman is currently a Federal Lawmaker who represents Ikeja Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives.

The suggestion by the respected Arewa Consultative forum may not go down well with traditional party loyalists especially from Surulere who strongly believe that the speaker of the house of representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila should naturally take up the role as he is considered the best man for the role on account of his strong loyalty and support to the president-elect, Bola Tinubu.

Hon. Gbajabiamila is also very senior to Faleke as a lawmaker at the House of representatives and party stalwart south-west and national politics.

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