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Any Negative Thing Said About Tinubu Was First Dug Out By Elites & Chieftains Of His Party- Shehu Sani 

If there is one politician who is most vilified and criticised for his past endeavours, it is Nigeria’s president-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Despite winning the election, Tinubu is still being hunted by his past activities which the opposition has refused to slow down on in their desperate quest to ensure that his past is used to deny him access to the presidential Villa come May 29.

However, a former senator who represented Kaduna Central Senatorial District, Shehu Sani has decided to share an insight into the origin of Tinubu’s many problems.

According to the senator of the 8th Assembly, the bulk of the negative narratives against Tinubu today was first dug out by his associates in the All Progressive Congress before opposition latched on them.

He revealed that during the APC presidential primary election, many of the presidential aspirants in the party said so many unprintable things about the president-elect in order to discredit him and consequently stop him from picking the party’s ticket.

Shehu Sani’s revelation is coming amidst the heated controversy currently trailing the alleged drug dealings that made Tinubu forfeit the sum of 460,000 dollars to the US government, claiming it is his income tax.

The senator disclosed that all these revelations were made by his party chieftains in the build up to the primary election which is now being used by the opposition against the ruling party.

Shehu Sani said: “Any negative thing said about Tinubu was first dug out by elites and chieftains of his party.”

The right activist made this known on Tuesday via his verified twitter handle.

He wrote: “Any negative things said about the President elect was first happily dug out and toxically spread by the elites & Chieftains of his party,in their attempts to stop him from winning the primaries.Whatever the opposition are saying today came from the tongue of the ruling party.”

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