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Multi-Talented Singer, Starry Recounts Her Rough Path To Stardom

Rising sensation of Afro-fusion, Starry Ogbonna says her ordeal in the industry, though tough, did not ruffle her from staying through to her dream.

The multi-talented singer popularly known as Starry who made this known in an interview, said her passion and commitment to her dream, enabled her to scale through the hurdles to get to where she is today.

She said some of the difficulties she encountered included working for long hours without commensurate compensation.

According to her, “too many people took advantage of me at the inception of my music career.

“Most singers who are passionate and committed to music would relate to this as music is mostly viewed as a job of passion done from the heart and most times without pay.

“From devoting all my time and resources without any compensation in various arranged choirs that cost me a great deal of my time without any rewards, to constantly splitting my prize money after winning music contests.

 “The most daring and memorable experience was in 2017, at the age of 19 when I travelled across states on a bet to participate in a competition popularly known as Voice of the Streets on the condition that when I won my prize money would be split in half with the person who referred me.

“My parents and none of my family members or friends knew about this and I stayed throughout the duration of the event which was 8 weeks long. Thankfully everything went well and I won.

Starry while recounting her ordeal, added that another experience was during a 3 month musical training for a music group.

“There were 300 of us who auditioned and got called to start the journey and I made it to the top 12 selected singers after 100 days.

“We were to pioneer the music group but unfortunately we could not pull through as we needed a salary to survive while working in the group to meet basic needs and all that was not provided.

“I also once joined AfrikEuropa and paid money to earn a spot/ process a visa to Greece for a musical band job which turned out to be all stories even though it seemed so well thought out and planned.

Starry, who said she would continue to push to get to greater heights, said she wished she had more guidance and a mentor who would have saved her from “countless errors and misery.”

The music sensation, started her music career in 2019 while working as a voice-over artist at a radio station.

She recorded a debut single titled ‘Baba’ alongside the talented DJ Holoski, setting the stage for her meteoric rise in the industry.  

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