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New Powerlifting Federation President Unveils Plans

World Natural Strongman Sunday Amos Erepadia aka Sunny Power has highlighted his plans to revive the sport in Nigeria.

Sunny Power while speaking in Abuja on Thursday admitted he never expected to become the Nigeria Powerlifting President this early but that nonetheless, he is ready for the challenge ahead.

He said: “I never saw it coming soon to become Nigeria Powerlifting President, You and I know how long I have come about Powerlifting. To answer your question, Since I left Nigeria, I have been praying, and working toward this great day of my appointment as World Powerlifting Nigeria President. I don’t have an idea of the people who voted me as the new President. But according to the information I got people have been making research about me and they recognized my work and efforts i have put in the work for years. Am grateful for this new position”.

The Bayelsa State Powerlifting Coach said it became necessary for him to upgrade since the sport is not too popular in Nigeria suggesting seminars and workshop to improve participation in the country.

He believes both male and female athletes are amazing people to work specially when it come to strength and Power Sports. It’s just to follow my instruction, that’s all they both need to stand out in the sport.

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