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AFRIMA condemns xenophobic attacks

By Samuel Onyekwere.

The International Committee of the All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA,
has added its voice to the growing list of persons who have condemned the xenophobic
attacks on other Africans living in some parts of South Africa as
widely reported in the media since Monday, September 2.
While also condemning the reprisal attacks in countries like Nigeria
and Zambia, the committee says the latest attacks is a dangerous trend
that should be nipped in the bud as it possess a threat to the peaceful
co-existence of Africans and the promotion of African culture and
President and Executive Producer of AFRIMA, Mike Dada, who spoke on
behalf of the committee explains further, “While we view these
unfortunate attacks and counter-attacks on fellow Africans as
by-products of anti-poor policies of most successive governments in
Africa which create huge inequalities and lack of opportunities for
millions of young people on the continent, Africans should note that
the myriads of common problems of joblessness, diseases, hunger, lack
of quality education, extreme poverty, homelessness and lack of access
to finance are the true enemies of Africa. These enemies can only be defeated
only if there is a united, collaborative and peaceful Africa”.
“The bigger picture by AFRIMA is to see a borderless continent where
individuals live freely, trade and coexist in unity and leverage on
one of the most powerful tools that bind us together which is music”.
AFRIMA Country Director for South Africa, Lekunutu Seboko said there
is no reason for hating a fellow human, “I say no to Xenophobia,
African unity must not be a vain word. There can be no justification
for any South African to attack people from other countries, let’s
all-embrace Africanism”.
AFRIMA however urged political leaders, business leaders, traditional
leaders, artistes, players in the creative industries and people of
good conscience in Africa to condemn this act of hate and needless
xenophobia, embrace and propagate peace and harmony through their
actions and utterances on this volatile issue. This cycle of violence
must stop for us to move forward as a people.
The All Africa Music Awards is a youth-focused music property that
celebrates Africa, recognizes and rewards the work and talents of a
myriad of African artists across generations. AFRIMA is committed to
the stimulation of conversations among Africans and between Africa and
the rest of the world about the potentials of the cultural and
creative economy for real enterprise on the continent.

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