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Kwara state commences conditional cash transfer to the aged

By A’isha Biola Raji

The government of Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has commenced the disbursement of cash to the elderly in the state as part of an intervention program tagged ‘Owo Arugbo’.

Owo Arugbo (Money for the aged) is a conditional cash transfer of N10,000 to the old in the state with the aim to bring succor to the aged and vulnerable who are above the age of 60.

According to the chief press secretary to the Governor, Rafiu Ajakaye, about 10,000 persons have been identified to benefit from the programme.

“After an initial enumeration of 17,941 potential beneficiaries, a rigorous screening process took place for transparency and quality assurance.

The names generated were compared against the lists of beneficiaries of both the National Cash Transfer Programme (NCTP) in Kwara and the Special Grant Transfer (SGT) programme under the Youth Employment and Social Support (YESSO) to be sure that only those who have not benefitted from either of the two make it to the list of Owo Arugbo.”

“We were therefore left with 10,000 beneficiaries as the targeted number for the first phase of disbursement of Owo Arugbo from the initial 17,941 enumerated across the state,” he said. .

The cash transfer, an initiative of governor Abdulrahman, commenced on Monday.


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